Shopping With Heart

Shop With Heart This Christmas

We have been thinking a lot as a family, about how we can make Christmas more thoughtful, and in particular how we can make our business more accessible and fall in line with where we are as a family.

For the last two years, we have adopted the rule of buying one toy and one outfit for each of our daughters for Christmas. And whilst we would love to do that 100% with small businesses, it is a fact of life that the cost of shopping small can often be huge. This is something that plays heavy on my mind. We don't feel that shopping in this way should be reserved for only people who have a big disposable income, and I know that our lovely customers span a beautiful and brilliant breadth of backgrounds, incomes and places. I also know, that I have priced everything we so carefully make as well as I possibly can, whilst also falling in line with UK employment standards and that we carry the cost of choosing to keep our manufacturing here. In short- I wish that shopping with us were easier for everyone, and this comes from a place of us as a family trying to manage what we can afford financially for the season for our own children.


So there are a few things we have come up with as a family, and also with the help of some brilliant customers (thank you Fran!), that we're going to describe here under our heading of Shopping With Heart. This is essentially how we feel about it- that Christmas should be about careful shopping, not a crazy rush for a sale. That shopping with us should be as accessible as it can be. And so that through a slower process, we can get more of our magical products into little stockings...


1. We have enabled a system via Paypal which will allow anyone to email us your list of what you'd like, and to pay this off in stages throughout November/ December. No having to wait for pay day to place your order, no selling out of what you'd had your eye on by the time you have the money together. This is designed to enable a slower shopping experience- not to amass things on credit. There is no cost for this and the price is exactly the same as our regular check out, it's just that you can spread out the money and pay off a little at a time. To avail of this system, you need to email us your shopping list to, subject line HEART, by November 8th. We will then send you an invoice via PayPal that you can pay at your own pace before Christmas.


2. We know just how costly Christmas can be, especially for those who already have additional every day costs. If you or your child are in receipt of Disability Allowance, your household claims Carers Allowance or you are claiming Job Seekers Allowance, we have a discounted rate which we will apply to your order. This will be done on a one to one, confidential basis. If you would like to avail of this, please email subject line HEART, by November 25th. This is to support all of our customer base and their varying needs, and from a wish to make a thoughtful, well bought Christmas shopping experience with us available to everyone. 


3. We will be holding our now annual Sparkle Wednesday Sale, on 21st November. However this will not contain any items from our current collection. We want to make our work available to as many people as possible, and are so happy to be able to hold a sale, but it is also important to us not to undercut our valued stockists who are small businesses themselves. We also don't want to undermine our customers who have bought a treasured item from our AW18 collection. This year our sale will comprise of items that I have made in the evenings, that are not featured in any current collection. There will be items from previous collections, and one off pieces that I have made specifically for Sparkle Wednesday. Each will reflect our usual process and aesthetic and we hope you find something you love at a great price and enjoy shopping our sale. I have made as much as possible, but numbers and availability for this, we expect to sell out very quickly.


4. Anyone wishing to shop now, using our regular checkout can avail of 10% off using code ALLTHINGSBRIGHT, safe in the knowledge that what they buy will not be heavily discounted later in the season. 



This is all very much a work in progress for us, and if anyone has any feedback for us that would be very welcome! What we essentially feel is that Christmas should be about something special, and we know that our handmade pieces are a part of something slower, more thoughtful, and sent to you with love. We would like our shopping experience to reflect that for as wide a range of people as possible. We aren't here to encourage over spending, or to undermine the people that have saved and are able to buy what they love with us right away. We value all of our customers equally and thank you for supporting us.

As always we would love to hear from you! A happy and wonderful festive period to you all, wherever you are.

Claire & family