Claire Pérez on Working Creatively with Friends

Our founder Claire discusses the relationships which have given Fable Heart that extra sprinkling of magic, and how no brand is ever built from scratch alone...
Penny ready for shoot, wearing Oatmeal Leotard and Full Cream Tutu - Fable Heart Blog - On Working Creatively with Friends

I began Fable Heart, at my kitchen table, three years ago now. It did not take me long to realise that in order to get the brand to where I wanted it to be, I would have to put in a lot of (wo)man hours. I worked alone for months, and although those early days were some of the most enjoyable, my creative working experience only really flourished when I began to build a "creative network".

There are many people who have helped and contributed to our work over the years, and Instagram in particular is a brilliant place to find the right people- people who speak to you, and your product and who you want your customer to be. So many brands, such as Magnificent Stanley, Amy & Ivor, Ilka by Vanessa Byrne, Coco & Wolf, Little Cloud, Buddy & Bear have all helped me through the early hours when working at 1am after our children are in bed. They've been there to bounce ideas off, help with difficult issues and have provided honest opinions that've meant so much to me. (I also recommend you check out all of their shops!)
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Even rarer than that though, is when you fall completely in synch creatively with someone, which is what can be said for our Photographer Ciara, and Sooby who has always been far more than a stylist to us. Building that inner sanctum team has been so important for our growth, and I was lucky to meet them both at the very beginning of our journey. I do in a way feel I've "creatively grown up" with Ciara & Sooby, and can see how our work has grown with each other when looking back over the last few years. 
They are both incredibly talented in their own fields of photography and styling, but even more importantly than that they have both always given their time, opinions and love to Fable Heart since it's conception. Very often they are the final sprinkling of magic that we are looking for, and we are so grateful that they have been a big part of our story. 
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That really stylish friend might be just what you need to bounce concepts off, someone you know might be a budding photographer that would love to help you try new ideas out. Most of all, what I've learnt is that it has been a positive step for me to let go of any ideas that I must do all things, and be the only creative influence on our work. Daily photography and styling is still a part of my everyday work, but collaborating with people and trusting them with your creations is a big step that can be so fulfilling. Doing that slowly, and with people who care about your brand is a wonderful thing.
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As we shot this year's AW campaign, we were lucky to get a call from a large high street store, which caused some amount of activity as none of us wanted to miss the opportunity! My third baby was only 10 days old, and I was able to hand over the reigns to these women who have been with me since the start. (Here she is above on set!) Now almost half a year on, it is wonderful to look back on the experience of all pulling together. My Co-Director Anita, and husband Angel being at the centre of all these things, always.

What I hope for as a business owner, is to build something that is good and fair- and that feels magical. In order to do that, we will always work with people who embody those things for us. I hope that this feeling transcends the screens through which Fable Heart is seen. We want to give the products- which are so slowly thought out and produced- the warm and considered spotlight that they deserve. And we have tried to do that by working with people who care, from start to finish. I hope all of our customers feel part of this, and know they are helping to support a better way of doing business. 
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